Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Fest

Today our apartment complex had a fall festival from 12-4 which involved apple bobbing, looking for money in a haystack, moonwalk and some other fun activities. I didn't stay too long but I let Katie stay the whole time. I was tired and needed a nap. She had won some candy and $.50, but she lost it; I think another kid stole it.
At 6.00(until 10; but we left about 8), our (Round Rock) YMCA held a fall festival over at Old Settlers Park. It was neat. We had to wait in line for everything. Katie did the rock wall, but only got 1/4 of the way up because she got scared. She then played some games and then we had to wait about 30 min. in line for the haunted house. It really wasn't too scary and took about 5 min. to walk through; however Katherine got scared by the Chainsaw Masacre Guy. He was the first character so she remained scared for the rest of the walk through; I think the other "creatures" knew she was scared because they really didn't jump up at her. She then played some more games; with each game you got candy so she has a pretty decent amount of candy now. She also got to see an ambulance, a firetruck, and the halo flight helicopter; we got pics of her sitting in the ambulance gurney, standing in the firetruck, and sitting in the helicopter. Overall she had alot of fun; I hope she doesn't have nightmares from the house; she does scare easily.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Kiddos

Lauren was taken to the doctor yesterday because she wasn't eating. On Tuesday she only ate a total of 13 oz and by 1 pm she had only eaten 4 oz; plus she was spitting up a whole lot. So I made an appointment for her. The ped. wasn't too worried about her since she didn't have a fever, no signs of a cold and everything else was normal. She said maybe she was just going through a down time. She had plenty of wet diapers and a couple of poopy diapers so she wasn't dehydrated. The doc said to just keep an eye on her and if anything changes, ie, fever, cold, throwing up, real fussy when eating, etc then to bring her back. Today she did good. She has had 12 oz to eat and just a little bit of spit up. I think she is back to normal.
Kyle met the neurologist today. He looked him over, checked his motor control and muscles, things like that. He ordered some blood work done to make sure there wasn't anything in his DNA for him being slow. We talked to him about MS and he doesn't feel that Kyle should be tested yet. The test is very expensive and its just a gene test to see if he may have and it isn't 100% accurate. For the MS, the doc said its something to just keep an eye on but he doesn't feel that Kyle will develop it. It will take three/four weeks for the test results to come back.
On a positive note...Kyle ate a banana with key lime yogurt yesterday. I cut one up to see if he would eat it..he ate four bites without the yogurt then seemed like he wasn't going to eat anymore. So I got the yogurt to feed him but he kept saying bite and looking at the banana so i mixed it and he loved it. Gobbled it all up. This morning he actually fed himself his grits. He made a huge mess but I was so happy and proud of him. This is the first time he actually grabbed the spoon and wanted to feed himself and ended up doing his whole meal. Yipee. So we are making progress. He can now say: mama, dada, baba, baby, bite, light, bye bye, up, out, and sometimes off and on and down. We are getting there.
Katherine is doing well. She has been doing the soccer thing and bible study. She loves her bible study group...except for the She is just getting so big on me and has been a big helper. Tongiht we are taking her to see the UT soccer girls take on the Aggies. She gets in for $2 if she wears her jersey. Her game for tommorrow was cancelled due to the weather we have been having. Other than that pretty normal. She gets moody sometimes and doesn't want to help out but I know its the age thing. I think she is having puberty early (she is already showing signs..too personal to mention) so I think that explains some of her moods and headaches she has been getting.
Well thats our update.

The War

Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine is being shipped over to Kuwait in Jan. She is a single mom of two boys and I feel for her that she is going to be seperated from them for so long. I don't think its fair. My brother has been over in Iraq for about 3 1/2 years now and I have a friend who has a bro-in law over there and another friend whos husband is over there. I really wish this thing was over. I want all of our loved ones to be home safe. I know that my brother (Mr. gung ho america is right never wrong and believes in what he is doing) honestly believes in being over there and wouldn't have it any other way. It sucks because he hasn't seen my kids in almost a year..hasn't met the baby and won't be able to come to my wedding. My friend will be away from her children for 6 months. It just isn't right.
I don't want to turn this into a political matter/discussion. Whether or not you like Bushl, the war or whatever I don't care. I do believe in supporting our for Iraq..i have my own opinions I will keep to myself. I know that we can't pull out now...that would really hurt the country. At the same time..I just want everyone I love and care about and for everyone else who has loved ones over there home safe. Its just sad that this has been going on for so long now.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Diaper King

Okay this is really aggravating. My son has learned how to take his diaper off. That isn't the bad part. The bad part is the fact that as soon as he takes off his diaper he pees on the floor. He thinks this is funny. I tell him no; to pee on the toilet or leave his diaper on. It isn't enough for him to just pee on the floor he has to play with it. He has to put his foot, hand, face in it. Gross. I never had this problem with my daughter so it must be a boy thing. He also will look at his penis as he is peeing and go "ooooooooo." He thinks its the greatest. This is the boy who will stand up in the bathtub, watch himself pee and laugh. He sticks his chest out as if to say look at me. Micau says we should get him a potty seat and put him in it when he does it so he knows to go potty in the toilet.
I guess this is just another part of raising boys.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Name Brands

We were at Walmart yesterday to buy some things, including soap. I usually get Dove but Micau picked up the Equate version of Dove..its nearly half the price. That made me think about how much I spend on namebrands. I think there is definately some things you can't go cheap tp. We use Charmin or Angel Soft. For my face I use either Neutrogena or Clean and Clear and face lotion is by Clean and Clear...helps avoid acne and is non greasy. I have very sensitive skin and up until recently I could only use Neutrogena Acne body wash. I buy Crest (they have pro health now and i love it..the mouth rinse too). We use Tide and Clorox, although the name brand bleach i'm sure is just as good. I use Dawn, Clorox Cleanup, 409, Pine Sol, Swifter and Cascade. I buy Playtex and Always, and I tried the cheap stuff once but that really sucked. It just made me aware of how many things we get that we could probably trade up on. Especially the cleaning supplies. But I really love my 409 and Clorox Cleanup so I really don't think that will change anytime soon.
When it comes to actual food I am the name brand queen. I don't buy cheap variations of cereal..they usually have more sugar in them and they don't taste as good. I love Betty Crocker complete meals and the instant mashed potatoes, and the brownie/cake mixes...again the cheap stuff doesn't measure up. I love Birds Eye Complete meals also. Veggies I get generic as well as soda. We recently switched from Lipton tea to generic because we go through so much and the generic was just as good. Bread I love Nature's Own; I buy the cheap white stuff for Katie's lunch because she loves it. I buy Pioneer Baking for pancakes. Snacks is where we really spend the money. I love granola bars and get the quaker ones; the real fig newtons; special k bars, quaker breakfast bites, fruit roll ups, and yogurt (yoplait of course). I better do some checking and see where we can switch from name brand to generic if possible. Of course, as mentioned above, there are just some things you can't go cheap on (like allergy medicine).

Monday, October 23, 2006


We received a package in the mail on Saturday from a friend of mine. There were three presents in there for Kyle (his bd is coming up); and some outfits for Lauren. They are so cute; a little big (6-9 months) so I am sure in about another month she will fit in them. They are all pink and just absolutely adorable. Then for Katherine they got her a giftcard and also a giftcard for Micau and I. I was like wow; they really went all out for us. They have our deepest gratitude. Katherine was so happy with the giftcard; she was doing the happy dance saying it was her very own card and she can use it to buy whatever she wanted. Since we had to go to the store anyway we decided to let her pick something out now instead of waiting for her birthday. She picked out a Cabbage Patch Kid named Ruth who was born on November 12th. Her hair changes color depending on hot/cold. She loves it; been sleeping with it. I just want to say a great big thank you to my friend and her family. I know you guys spent some money on the was so nice of you to send something for everyone. Thank you so much. I wish we could have done more for you.

Double Whammy

So on Saturday around dinner time I started coughing. I didn't think I was getting sick. Well by Sunday I had a sore throat, sounded like a frog hacking up phlem and lord knows what else. I feel dizzy and feverish and sneezing. I take some Theraflu. I take some allergy medicine. I go to church. I feel a little better but still feel icky. The allergies really didn't hit me too hard until today. I woke up sneezing. I sneezed throughout the day. I took some cheap allergy medicing and a nasal spray (micau said that would help...I kept telling him those things don't work very well on me). By the time we get home (we went to get our marriage license today) I had to take some Tylenol Severe Allergy because the cheap stuff didn't work. Micau stayed home with me today because I wasn't feeling good and so I wouldn't have to look after the kids so much. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap around one. I really needed it.
I am so grateful for Micau...he put Kyle down for a nap and then took care of Lauren so I could get some rest. He got chinese for lunch so I wouldn't have to make anything...and when Katie got home from school made sure she did her homework. He even got up with Lauren at 2 am to feed her; she didn't go back to sleep until 3.30 am. He didn't bother me at all. When I got up I took the baby so he could catch a break. He even got someone over to come clean today since I hadn't cleaned the apartment yet...he sure is the sweetest.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wedding Dress

Yesterday I bought my wedding gown. My friends will be so happy because they have been convincing me that I need an actual has my soon to be hubby. Anyways, it is ivory and not too fufu or girly. Very sophisticated I think. I will pick up next week since it has to be adjusted in the bust (because I have a fatty chest and small, and needs to be hemmed up about 3 inches because I am such a shorty and the dress was made for tall Anyways, I really liked it; I even got shoes and a new bra.
So as it stands we have 25 people at the wedding. My parents, my aunt and uncle, my bro and his wife, micau's parents, his sister, a couple with their three kids, katie's best friend, her parents and sister, micau's ex-wife and his son, then our three kids and us. We are going out to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse, a really nice restraunt. I hope everyone is going to pay for themselves because this place is about $20 a person and we sat down to figure the dinner bill and its going to be like $500...ouch. Nah, its okay..we set aside money for it. We figured that neither one of our parents would be able to pay it or help out...they are both tight. We picked this place because it is one of Micau's and mine favs and they have great steak there. My mom is bringing the wedding cake..I didn't know about it until last night. I even forgot to ask what flavor it is..stupid me. Oh well. So I am really excited now.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Wedding

It will be on Saturday, November 11 at 11 am. Finally decided on it. I was getting frustrated with trying to get a time and date because trying to fit everyone's schedule. Its hard. So anyways that is the day and time. The church I found is where we are going to have the ceremony at. I really like this church and although it isn't as beautiful as many other churches, I am happy that it will be done in a church. I had been praying about this and I really feel like I was guided into this direction. Tommorrow I have to go pick out a dress for the wedding...Micau wants me to get a new dress..a nice one. So going to Nordstrum and Macy's. Basically the mall. Going to check out a few places. I'm really excited now. Only three more weeks left.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Church and Sex

Yep. This is true. Saw it on GMA this morning. I think its great. Let me elaborate. There are churches around the country that have started talking to couples (married) about how to improve thier sex life, communication about sex with each other and so forth. There is even a couple who do a bible study on marriage and sex. Granted, they have their critics who believe that sex should stay in the bedroom and is private. Those old foggies. I think its about time that pastors/churches/religion realize that married people do have problems and need guidance when it comes to sex. I know that it would be too much to ask for the Christian community to start talking to young people about sex but I think this is a great leap for those who know and understand that sex is in our life and that we are sexual beings. I think there would be less divorce in this country; less unhappy couples if they are guided by the church when it comes to couples and sex. I think this is just awesome.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ugly Betty

I love this show. It is so cute. It comes on Thursday evenings at 7 pm; but since that is Katie's soccer practice time we have the DVR record it. For those of you who haven't heard of it..its about a woman named Betty who is like 5'2 and slightly overweight. She gets a job as the assistant to the editor of a fashion magazine. Betty is also hispanic and lives in Queens. This show isn't about her receiving some big makeover and actually being pretty..its about how she influences those around her through her kindess and own unique flair. Its a really cute show. You all should tune in.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Saturday

Katherine had her soccer game. She did very well. She went after the ball, engaged the other players and everything. She kinda remembered to stay in her position. Her team won 3-2. She was happy.
Micau had Geoffrey (his son) come over for dinner yesterday. It was a little awkard at first but not too bad. He mostly wanted to talk about video/computer games. Katherine had made him brownies and he was very appreciative of that; all in all he was very polite. He is turning 16 on Thursday. Micau drove him home and said that he is still upset about us getting married and is pretty sure that Geoffrey won't attend the ceremony. I asked Micau today what time dinner was on thurs. because every year Micau and Laura take him out to eat. Well he said that he asked Geoffrey about going and Geoff was like i'll think about it. I was like you asked him..wait a minute who's the freaking parent? Okay maybe I don't get it because I'm not dealing with a 16 year old. I've been going along with Micau on not having him let him pout it out..I guess I'm even okay with his decision not to force him at our wedding..but for a parent to ask permission to go to your own child's birthday because he is being a pouting 5 yr old..I don't think so. I would just have asked Laura where the dinner is and what time they were going to be there. I know this a touchy subject with Micau and I because he feels one way and I feel differently. Somethings we do agree on. But this just boggles me. It really does. Why should Micau have to be the one begging to spend time with him? Why should he be asking to go to his own son's dinner? This I truly don't get. I think he is giving way too much "power" over to his son. He is letting his 16 yr old decide important decisions; and since when do 16 yr old ever know what they want anyway? Its bad enough that Micau took this upcoming weekend off because he wanted to spend some time with Geoffrey and he won't even come over...because of me and the kids. I just hate the way he is hurting his dad and I wish Micau would sit down and tell him how it hurts..or just lay into him or something; something to make him understand how much sadness it is causing Micau. Okay..enough of my rant about that.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Birth Father

After talking with Micau I had decided that I wanted to try to find my birth father. Not necessarily to meet him but just to see if there was an address or phone number; not that I know what I am going to do once I have it. Micau found his picture but the address with it wasn't correct when we called information. The other thing too is that it may be unlisted. I was disappointed when I saw the picture. I thought there would be some kind of recognition, some kind of big flash of memories come flooding through my brain..something. But there was nothing. No revelation, no memory, no anger or sadness or joy. I felt absolutely nothing. I couldn't believe it. This was the person I have been nervous about seeing; scared to find out who he is or where he lived. I think my mood changed for the past couple of days because I just really wanted to have some recollection of my early childhood and there wasn't any. I think I was also upset because I had somehow pictured him differently...i thought he'd have darker hair..of course in the picture he is 53 years old. So hey it was all gray. Seeing him made me realize that all my fear and unhappiness lay with a memory of a big bad monster that is really just an aging human being and that I really don't have anything to fear..I wish my mind would realize that because I do have nightmares I just don't remember them. I had been feeling sad so yesterday Micau suggest I go do something for myself..i went to get a pedicure. I decided while I was getting one to write a letter to him. Not to send but just to get out all my repressed emotions and write it down on paper. I think that will help. From there, I don't know. I'm not sure if I really want to know about him or my mother...I would like to know about family history, if I have any brothers or sisters, maybe some closure but I am afraid that I may be disappointed in who he is now. So for now, I will just take it one step at a time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Customer Service

What has happened to the customer service in this country? We went out to eat at Fridays for lunch was bad. The waitress was okay but our food was bad. My ribs were overcooked and sauacy; Micau's steak wasn't very good. It was just bad (this is a trend I notice by the way). I only eat half of mine and tell the waitress that the ribs were overcooked (I had only eaten 3 or 4 and half of the mashed potatoes). She's like well do you want me to bring you something else..I am like no because of the kids. If they wait too long they will be fussy. She brings out the check and there is a full charge on my ticket. WTF? We weren't expecting that; we felt she should have taken 1/2 off of my meal..we had told her that neither meal was great. Micau goes to talk to the manager and they didn't want to give him 1/2 off mine at first but then was like okay. The waitress was like well she ate half...if she didn't like why did she eat half? So she takes the ticket and brings it back with the discount..she was pissed. Afterward we have a discussion about how you go out to eat and at most places for 2 people it is going to run you between 25-35 dollars and that the food size and quality has gone down but prices have gone up and how waiters don't really want to wait on people with kids..they tend to have an attitude we notice. I just think its getting bad and has helped us to stop eating out so much. Even getting half off on my meal it was around 40 with tip. That sucks for something that was mediocore at best.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kyle and the Weather

Well it started pouring down rain here at 7 am. Guess our cool front came in early...the news said slight showers then said we were on a severe warning until 1 pm. So there ya have it. Anyways, I had to call his doctor this morning because Kyle woke up with a fever and a rash. He got the fever on Sunday even though he was already on an antibiotic since Wednesday for his chest congestion, ear infection and sinus infection. So we scheduled an appointment at 10 am. Now his office is about 15/20 min from where I live. I figured leaving at 9 would get us there on time. Nope. Traffic was stopped and not moving once I reached Mopac (a loop highway here) and I spent 1 1/2 hours in traffic. Yep. Lauren cried so I have to feed her. With one hand on the wheel (weren't going anywhere anyways) and my other arm reaching behind my chair to hold the bottle in her mouth is how I drove for about 25 minutes. Of course during that time we only moved about 2 inches. Finally we get through the lights and finally get on Mopac...the holdup you ask...not a damn thing. Traffic was just heavy and it was raining..excuse enough for traffic to be bad here in austin. Its pouring down rain.
So we check in and since he has a rash we have to be put in the treatment room (can't be in the sick room because rashes are contagious)..I guess. Doc sees us and ask the usual questions. She looks him over and says well he doesn't have a fever shi# shirlock..i gave him some tylenol because I didn't want my kid running around with a high fever. She says he looks alright but his ear infection looks a little worse. Then she checks his mouth and was like whoa...he had all these bumps in his mouth and the rash and it looked really red. She says strep throat. She took a culture and says the result will be back tommorrow afternoon and if its strep throat for sure then she will call in a prescription for him. In the meantime and just in case she gave us two doses of omnicef for him to take. Great. Strep thoart. I asked how the heck does he get this while on an antibiotic? She can't say. Sometimes viruses just linger. Whatever. So now we have something new to deal with. Guess I should be thankful he doesn't have cancer or need a transplant but I do wish he didn't get sick so much.
On the way back run into traffic again. This time I take the frontage road since I take I35 was alot faster even with the lights. The problem this time..3 cop cars had a semi pulled over and was giving the driver a DUI test. On top of bad weather and crazy people we have to worry about semi drivers being drunk or stoned. Yipee. And even though they were pulled over to the ties up traffic for about 5 miles before you reached it. It would have taken be about an hour to get through must have just happened too because the frontage road was still clear. Of course, this being Austin/Round Rock it is going to be like this all day. On the radio there were 5 accidents..this morning there were too many too count but there was one fatality way down in south austin that had I35 closed down going north. That is just bad. So I think I will not go anywhere today. Days like this you only go out if it is an absolute must. The joy of living in a big city.

The Store (HEB) Vent

There is an HEB (our grocery store) right up the road from where I live..I usually don't have any problems with them. Yesterday, however, I was really upset when I went grocery shopping. There are about 10 items on my list that they didn't carry anymore. We aren't talking about special items..just normal things. German choc. cake frosting, the stocker said they weren't carrying it anymore; the 409 refill bottle...said they don't carry it anymore; the slivered almonds..nope don't have 'em...the fruit was really icky looking so I only got some apples and bananas. There were other things but I was just so upset. How can you carry only three flavors of frosting (choc., strawberry, vanilla); its so ridicilous. I called Micau to vent and then he called me back after like 20 minutes and said the next time I am in the store to talk to Chad..he is the assistant store manager and they like to hear about things like that. He stated to Micau that the store is really short staffed and they have a lot of new people who may not know where things are or exactly what they carry. Good, now if only I could get a discount out of it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Church today

Church today was inspiring. I really like this church, even though it is only my second time going I do believe I finally found a church for our is a bit of everything and welcomes everyone plus it is a small church. There is a moms' bible study on friday mornings and then a discipleship bible study on sunday evenings and they even have one for katie's age group which meets on wednesday's at 4. She wants to participate in the christmas pageant which I think is great. She really loves the children church. I just wanted to say that I finally found our place of worship which is an answer to a very long time prayer. Thank you Lord.

Shot Day

Friday was Lauren's 4 month shots. Wow. I can't believe its been four months already. She is getting so big on us. Her weight is 13.7 lbs and her height is 24 inches. She is in the 50th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for length. When I was reading the sheets the doc hands out at these checkups about where they should be and what they should be doing I was a bit surprised to know that she should be eating about 8 times a day 6-8 oz. My little one hasn't moved beyond eating 2-4 oz a sitting...and she eats about 8-9x a day. She actually just started sleeping through the night..occaisionally she wakes up around 2.00 am to eat about 3 oz but most of the time she can sleep from 11-6...give or take a 1/2 hour. Although she is scooting and rolling over, she is nowhere near sitting up on her own. At this time we don't feel the need to introduce solid food which is weird because Katie was eating cereal at 4 months and kyle at 3. It is very different having a petite eater instead of a power eater. She is so unique and alert..she pays attention to everything. She loves looking at brightly covered pages in books or magazines and even will watch the tv or the computer when we play music and it does the flashes to the beat. She is just so interested in everything. Happy 4 months baby girl.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Little Bit of Everything Part 2

At 9.00 pm on Wednesday I decide to take a bath to help alleviate my headache. But first I must step on the scale. 191. WTF. Two days ago I was at 189..i was upset. Well I had to go to the potty (okay a bit vulgar but I had business number two to take care of). I thought well that was alot so I decide to step on the scale again...188.5. Yep. Teaches me to not weigh myself until after bathroom
Anyways...I did feel better after my bath and watched a little bit of the Daily Show with Micau. Okay side note...what is up with Foley..he is just coming up with so many excuses for what he is so freaking annoying. Its like let me put all this stuff out there and whatever the public believes I will stick with it. Did you know that on Fox when showing his pic showed him as a D..lmao. And why all the comparison between him and Clinton? Excuse me but I think IM young boys is far worse than having an affair...but maybe I am wrong in this belief. Okay enough of that.
At 4 am I wake up with Lauren and am still in pain. Going back to sleep doesn't help. I decide to go ahead and workout..i take it easy with no running or walking..I do the elliptical and one set of my ab/back moves and the weights. I don't feel better. Micau comes home for lunch and takes the rest of the day off. We talk about what it might me and I realize that I've been having some flashbacks of memories and its not really a migraine but a tension headache. We talk, I cry, I feel a little better..we both take a 2 hour nap. At Katie's soccer practice, Micau and I walk for about thirty minutes and I feel so much better. I guess maybe because we were outside or maybe it was just having him there to talk to.
He is upset because he just found out that his son Geoffrey doesn't want to go to our wedding. He doesn't want to force him to go but really wants him to be there. We are going to trade him being at our wedding to him being at Katie's birthday party. She really wants him to come to her party and Micau said she wouldn't understand him not being there. He is so anger at us...he hates the fact that I and the kids are around..he wants to be the only child still. I dont' know how long he is going to harbor ill feelings about us. It is upsetting for Micau because he really misses spending time with him. He is turning 16 this month and Micau is taking that weekend off from work. He refused to go to Houston with us. He doesn't want to be around me, Katie, Kyle and the baby. That hurts me because I feel like if it wasn't for us then Micau would have time with his son back...but Micau always tell me how lonely he was before me and how happy he is that he has us. We just don't know what to do about his son. Tips or ideas anyone?
Anyways, by the time we are done with our walk I feel much better. My headache is body feels good..i feel good. We watch the rest of the practice. They were doing a scrimmage game..boys against girls. Well Katie was hanging out by the goal in defense position (heaven forbid she actually runs)..the ball was kicked high and coming straight at her and what does my lovely daughter do? She covers her face, moves out of the way and screams. Funny but not during an actual game. This going on with my son walking around lifting his shirt up to show his belly while putting his hand down his pants so he can touch his penis. The joy of having a boy.

A Little Bit of Everything Part One

Yesterday was Muffins for Mommy at Katie's school and she really wanted me to go. It was cute..we got to eat together before her class and afterward they were having a meeting for the moms. They were telling us about a new parent outreach resource center. I was too tired to really pay attention and left once the questions started up because I was just so bore and tired. I did enjoy the morning with my daughter.
We had to take Kyle to the doctor yesterday because he has been sick for about 3 weeks straight and keeps reinfecting Lauren. Guess what? Yep, another darn ear infection in his right ear where the tube has almost fallen out. We caught it early so it wasn't too bad and that explains his extra fussiness and his wanting to be cuddled all the time. He also has chest congestion and a sinus infection. She gave one medicine (a 5 day treatment) and said it should wipe out everything. I am so scared that we are going to go back to having ear infections again. She said that if he gets over this one and gets another one then he may need tubes again. Happy Happy
Get back from the doctor appointment and get everyone settled by the time Katie gets home from school. She comes in with a little bag..i asked her who gave her the gift bag and she said it was out in front of our door. I opened it and there was a note that said Thank you for attending our church and hope to see you was from Grace and it was a banana nut bread. It is very yummy. I was so touched that they would take the time out to drive here and do that. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I reallllly like that someone would be so considerate. Definately want to go back to that church.
Well I had been suffering a headache throughout the day and by supper time it had turned into a migraine. My head hurt so bad...i had been taking excedrin migraine all day and relief. I could barely eat dinner. On top of that I had to go out and get Kyle baby wasn't too bad except for Lauren crying the whole time. Katie stayed home with Kyle since Francis came over to play with Kyle. Micau and I went to the library to get more books and to go get Kyle food. By the time I got home I felt like crap. It was 8.00 and Katie and Francis and just started playing a game. I get Kyle ready for bed and was little annoyed that he was still up but I understand that putting him down can be difficult. He goes out before I am even out the door. Katie is done playing the game, takes her shower and I put her down. Thought that was that except she is giving major attitude. I ask her what is wrong three times and she finally starts crying and breaks down that she felt ignored all evening and how she wants to be an only child and then says that she never wants to be taken away. She doesn't want Micau to leave. I'm like no one is going anywhere. I ask why she thinks that and she just says that she doesn't want to be taken away. Lovely. Wonder where that came from. I get her calmed down and rock her to sleep.


Tuesday I went to the gym and got a session with a personal trainer (i had 1/2 coupon). I bought my new workout moves for your abs/back and for upper body. The lady I met with does the pilates class and alot of the moves were pilates (didn't realize this). Anyways she gave me some good pointers and modified moves for a couple of them because she said they were pretty advanced moves even for her. She showed me how to work my core throughout the day. I am so glad that I met with her because I realized that there were some mistakes I was making with some of my normal routines (lunges, squats, and even the weight machines). I realized that it doesn't really matter how much you read or think you may know about something...sometimes it does help to have a professional show you exactly what you should be doing to get the most out of your moves/workout. I was really happy with it and it only cost be $15. Now if I can only remember everything she

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Update Part 2/Sunday

I had promised Katherine during the week that we would go to church on Sunday since we hadn't gone in like 2 weeks. Well I get up and for the third sunday in a row really don't feel like going...we've been going to Shoreline (2 hour service) because I hadn't really found another church. Katie really wants to go to chuch. So I look in the round rock phone book under churches. Micau refuses to attend a baptist church and I'm not really into evang. so I look under Presbyterian. We went to one when I lived in south austin and really liked it. I like the smaller churches better than the ones that are really huge. Well I decided to attend Grace. It is only like 6 minutes away from where I live. We go and I didn't realize it was World Communion day. The church was letting the youths do the service. It was really neat. They were all dressed from attire around the world. They quoted people like Ghandi, Maya Angelou, and some other influential people. Katie loved the children's church. We decide to try it again next Sunday. We go have lunch with Micau and then go home and try to relax. Kyle and Lauren on fussy on the whole 20 minute drive home and I am ready to pull my hair out. Lauren hates being in her car seat and hates being in the car. Kyle was just fussy; he's not feeling well.

Update Part 1

You ever have one of those days when you know you should have just stayed in bed? That was my Saturday. First we get up and I make a nice breakfast. Get everyone ready to go to Katie's soccer game which I believe is at 9.00 am. We get there about 15 min. early...Her coach has another team and they are still playing on the field. His wife and kid that is on Katie's team is watching the game. 9.00 passes. At 9.20 the game walks over to me and says aren't you here early. I'm like the game is at 9.00 right? Nope its at one. I have a crying baby..a fussy Kyle and its so freaking humid out. The wife/daughter couldn't have walked over to us and told us..instead of making us wait 30 min in the humid hot sticky weather. So I felt like an idiot. So I take Katie home to change to go to the musuem since it is free musuem day (nationally). I get halfway there and call the musuem to see how busy it is. Guess what..they are charging...they aren't participating..u freaking kidding me. The State capitol of Texas isn't participating in the National Musuem Day? Pisses me off because I just wasted a bunch of gas. So I turn Micau to tell him. He says to go meet him at work. I say okay except brain freeze and can't remember how to get out there. I call him but get his voice mail. I drive. He calls back and I've already passed the exit and have turned around to go home. I am so frustrated he's like come out and i'm like no I just want to go home. I decide to get a blizzard (i see a DQ) and pull into the drive through except there are like three cars in front of me. The car in front of the car in front of me takes like 10 min to order. Then it takes another 10 min for them to get the food out. I am sitting in a drive through for about 25 minutes. I feel like screaming. (Mind you the kids are being fussy too). Finally I get our blizzards (one for Katie and one for me) and head home. It must be idiot day because I run into several on the way back. Finally I get home, get Lauren out of her carseat and start rocking/feeding her. Katherine does her reading and times attack (math game) while Kyle just hangs out. I watch Ugly Betty (missed the premier episode and it was on again that morning) while rocking lauren. She smiles at me, talks to me and is just being so precious that my frustration and anger slips away. I am relaxed and calm. Then time for Katies soccer game. The other team playing on the field is running late because the refs are treating like a pro game (dumbass its little kids...geez)..anyway I walk around with the double stroller while the coach makes the kids do drills. I walk in the freaking hot humid sun for about 20 min. when the game starts. I set up under a shady tree. An elder woman (grandma to one of hte kids on the team) sits next to me because she takes meds and she can't sit in the sun. We have a nice conversation while watching the game. Surprisingly the kids aren't fussy. Katie's team won 3-1. Yea.
Needless to say the afternoon and evening turned out much better than my morning. I was ready to kill somebody but after just taking a chill hour holding my baby I calmed down. Although the kids can be the ones to drive you crazy; they are also the ones that can bring resting calm to you.