Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Back

Well I am recovering from that nasty bug but it hit the kids..not as bad as me but still made it uncomfortable. Lauren is the only one who got it as bad as I did. She's been having diarrhea and nausea; we have to give her pedilyte but she doesn't like it...she seems to take to the gatorade a bit better. The doc said we could give her some of it. She's been pretty fussy and I know she's in pain but its still hard/frustrating to listen to screaming for long periods of time.
Micau missed the past two days of work and everything has gotten screwed up for him. Parts that were priced low all of sudden his boss changed the price to way high. He's got two clients that are wanting to pull business from his company and that isn't good. So he's going to have three very long days at work. In fact he thinks that he probably won't be home until very late. sigh.
Why is it that when the mommy gets sick absolutely no cleaning gets done? Since I was feeling bad literally nothing got done except for the kitchen because Katie can clean it and put dishes in the dishwasher. No vacuuming in 12 days, no laundry (ugh the stench of 3 day spit up), no clean bathrooms. Can you imagine the mess? So although our cleaning lady had already been out last month, Micau called her to come out today so that the apartment could be cleaned and I could get caught up on laundry and take care of the babies. Well I did about 5 loads today; i've got 4 more to do tomorrow. Plus I have a ton of email to go through, I have a new mommy website that I joined before I got sick and have to go get caught up there, have to get caught up on my bible study (which is on Friday and I haven't even done last week assignments), and take katie to her bible study tomorrow and to the chess club at the library on thursday. I feel so busy.
Since I've been sick, I've gotten to watch alot of tv and read some books. I have learned that there is absolutely nothing on during the daytime. I usually workout from 9-10 (so i leave here at about 8.30) and then run errands or just come home and play with the kiddos in the Kyle's room where all the toys are until its naptime for him. So I don't really watch that much tv. I have discovered that unless you like soaps and judge shows (I like Judge Judy but that's it) then there isn't much else on. Ah well.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Bug

I'm sick with some kind of virus/stomach bug. Hit me on Wednesday. Katie now has it. Enough said.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

From here to there...

Austin's Pleasurefest
Was really crappy. I was thinking it would have outfits, roleplaying stuff, dominant/submissive (I think some of the gadgets they have are really funny to look at) type stuff..but no. It was sponsored by Megaplex (the biggest adult store here) and they had four booths. The only other booths was the radio station sponsoring it, Austin's Rollergirls (rollerderby team), Perfect 10 and Stubs (strip clubs), and a couple other small mag/video stores. There were a ton of dildos to look at, and the free stuff was lube and condoms. We got enough lube to last us the next two years. It just really went way beneath my expectations. Micau said he wasn't surprised..that's Texas for ya. I think in two or three years we will try to go the Las Vegas expo. That looked alot more fun.
Kyle and the Potty
Before and after his bath, Kyle likes to sit on the potty. Sometimes he pees but most of the time he just likes to sit. Well tonight he didn't want to sit on his little potty. Well I still have the seat that goes on the toilet from when Katherine was little; granted it hasn't been clean in awhile but Kyle really wanted to sit on the big toilet. So I wipe it down real quick and put him on it. He sits on it for a good twenty minutes and finally I say okay time to get off. He starts screaming and says no. Then he covers his eyes and says night night. He leans back on the toilet and keeps his arms over his eyes. He actually wanted to go to sleep on the toilet. It was so funny and cute. He gets really upset that I take him off and puts up a hissy fit that I put on a diaper and his pjs.
Why is it never done. Its like an endless pile that just builds and builds. I'm so tired of doing laundry. I think I have either washed, dryed or put up clothes everyday this week and it is very tiring. I also have to go drop off our comforter at the cleaners to be cleaned because our washer isn't big enough to wash it. I can't put in a new washer because the apartment said that if anything went wrong (flooding, etc) then we are responsible for the damages whereas if it happens with their washer they are responsible. I hate having to pay for having to have our comforters laundered by a professional service; its quite expensive.
So we have like a week of snow, frost, sleet, slush and ice and then three days of heavy to light rain and wind with low temps. Today we have sunshine, little wind and a high of something like 60 or 65. I wanted to go to the park but we didn't because everything is wet and muddy. In fact Katie went out rollerblading today and her blades got all muddy. The grass was very mushy. It wouldn't have been much fun to go to a park and not be able to play on anything. We did some small errands. But of course we had to be home by 2.30 so Micau could watch the playoffs.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Prayer of Patience

Lord, I ask that you grant me the gift of patience. I have been very frustrated with my children lately and I feel like I can't handle them. This morning I yelled at my children..well mostly at Katie. I said many things I shouldn't have. I just completely exploded. I made her cry. That isn't very nice and not being a good mommy. It is all due to not having patience and not being able to calm down when I get very frustrated which then turns into anger. My Gracious God, I ask that you grant the wisdom to know when to take a moment to calm down and say a prayer to you to not get angry. I don't like making my children cry when it isn't their fault. I know that when she comes home from school today that all will be well but the words I said to her will not be forgotten. I ask your forgiveness, and that of my children, Lord, for being and acting the way I was. I pray that my children never see me that angry again. I thank you, for allowing me not to harm them and for calming down before I did so. I ask that I never reach that level of anger/frustration again. This is my humbling moment. I ask this in your name, Lord. Amen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

So Much Going On

I haven't really been able to update much because I have two sick kiddos, plus I'm getting whatever they have. Any computer time I do get is used for checking my email.
Tommorrow is Martin Luther King Day and Katie doesn't have to go to school so I will have a helper..yipee. With both of them sick now, that will help.
Lauren loves to follow Kyle around..he's resorted to crawling on the floor to play with her. She wants to do everything he does. She even takes his sippy cup and drinks out of it. It won't be hard transitioning her from bottle to sippy.
Kyle will sit on the potty on his own before and after bathtime. He just started doing it about 4 days ago..I took off his diaper for bath and he wanted to sit on his little training potty. He knows (I suppose from watching Micau) that his penis has to be down because he will hold it down. He hasn't actually gone pee in it yet but he will sit on it. And I thought it would be hard to potty train him. It may not be so difficult after all. (Keeping fingers crossed; knock on wood).
Micau has to start spending the nights in Houston starting next week. That'll suck. He travels to Houston about once a week and his boss wants him to start spending more time there so now it will be two day trips. I'm really going to miss him; not looking forward to when that starts.
I'm still trying to lose weight. I am down to 183; my waist size is 41..down two inches. Not too bad but I wish it would come off faster. Of course it didn't help I've eating three oreo cookies a day...i'm working on it. I really need to lose 10 lbs quickly because a friend of mine sent me a bunch of clothes and I need to lose about 10 lbs just to fit in them..about 15 for them to fit comfortably. But I am proud of myself because I have worked out everyday this week except for Friday. Not too shabby.
My women's bible study group started up on Friday; we are doing a Beth Moore study..the book of John. I haven't done this before..of course I just started doing bible studies. I am looking forward to this. I liked the previous Beth Moore study we did..the book of Daniel..it was more a lesson in history but it was really good. Katherine's bible study group starts on Wednesday. She's looking forward to it; she's excited about it.
The weather has been pretty crappy the past three days. Today it was like 37, but it is rainy and windy. Yesterday was a little warmer but not by much. Not used to it being this cold..I don't know how my friends in Idaho, Washington, New York and such places do it. I couldn't imagine dealing with this kind of cold weather for a long time; add snow on top of that..no thanks. Speaking of which, yesterday it sleeted and the roads were icy and traffic was crazy. In fact there was a period of time that both North and South bound lanes of I35 were blocked due to major traffic accidents. The advice given was to just stay home and not be on the roadways. Everything was icy and us being Texans not used to it. Of course it doesn't help when people can't drive in normal weather.
If you've read all this thanks.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Need To Go To The Bathroom

Okay today I went to the gym and after my workout I had to go to the bathroom. So on the way down to pick up the kids I forget to go. As I am walking to the get them I remember I have to go and on the way to the bathroom I am reminding myself of where I am going and what I a have to do. So I pick up the kids and have to do some errands. I go pay a bill off (whopee) and then head to Walmart. I get the babies out and realize I have to go again (dang that water) and that Kyle needs to be changed. Well I do my shopping and checkout, all without having gone to the bathroom or changing Kyle. I realize this after I have everyone in the car. Well, I had to go get my contacts so I decide I'll go to the bathroom there. Guess what? Yep..forget to go. At least I was on my home. I get the babies out of the car and notice Kyle is tired. So I go get a diaper to change him (he leaked out so have to clean that up) and put him down for a nap. Lauren starts crying and needs to be changed and fed also. So I change her, feed her, then put her down so I can get the stuff out of the car..all the while not having gone to the bathroom. It as I'm putting stuff up I realize that I need to go..really badly. So I run (yes run) to the bathroom and go.
Before you ask the obvious..how do you forget you have to go...I think you should realize how easily it is to be distracted when thinking about what you have to do, what you have left to do, thinking about the kids and also hearing them. Okay, maybe not every mom forgets to have to go to the bathroom but maybe I am just that blonde...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lauren Standing Up

Tonight Lauren pulled herself up to a standing position on the pampers box. We order our diapers from amazon so it is a pretty big box. She just pulled up. She was so happy. She had the biggest smile on her face and was laughing. We have been letting her stand while holding onto our fingers; she also tries to step but hasn't managed to get the hang of it yet. Just wanted to brag a little about my little baby girl who is starting to grow up so fast on me. She is already seven months old. Can't believe it. Sigh.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Some Time With Hubby

Yesterday we got to spend some time together. Micau called in to work because we both have been worried about the baby and since he stayed up with her he was just plain tired. Well she took a nap around 11.30 and Kyle took a nap around 12.10. Get this she didn't wake up until about 2.45 pm. Well anyway we spent the afternoon being together and cuddling and talking. Then, she went to sleep like around 10.00 and slept for about an hour and a half and again we got to spend some more time together just holding each other and talking. It was a very nice day. I told Micau that being able to have an afternoon like that is a honeymoon to me; I don't need to be whisked away on some vacation...just being able to have sex with him four times in one day is honeymoon enough for me.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bad Temper

I had to take Lauren to the doctor today because I thought she looked pale and she is losing her voice. We pick up Micau from work and head over to the aftercare center where the doc tells me that the pink eye virus caused a virus in her throat and there isn't anything that can be done. So we leave. Since it is now 6.00 and we live 25 min. away from the aftercare center we decide to stop at Quizno for dinner. I go in to order while Micau takes Katie to KFC since she likes their snackers. I give the woman our order and I don't want mine toasted. I tell her this; five times. She goes to toast my sub. I say again no toasted. Then I yell at her and say "Do you speak English?" Meanwhile in the background is a black coworker who is just standing there not helping the poor girl out. The cashier is the one who came back and said no she doesn't speak English but understands it and apologizes for the misunderstanding. I ask the black guy if he put everything on Micau's sandwhich (which he hadn't). The lady again says sorry and I said that's fine..I don't care that the other lady doesn't speak English but I don't like having to say something over and over again. I leave but I don't apologize to the girl. I feel very bad for blowing up at her like that..I know how frustrating working in that kind of job can be. I hope I didn't make her cry or upset her too much. I feel very bad for how I acted towards her...not very christian at all.
Which brings me to the issue of people not speaking English in our country. I bet she is probably trying to learn. I know this language is hard to learn and I honestly feel I shouldn't have been so hard on her. But it is frustrating to go to a place and realize that more and more people have a hard time speaking or understanding English. Don't get me wrong. I am not against immigration (I dont mind illegals)..everyone is just trying to make a living supporting their families. Living where I do, we have several immigrants from different countries..here in round rock it is mostly Indians (we have Dell call center right down the road). I don't mind them. I don't even mind the illegals. Most of them work hard for little pay. I know this because I have seen it. I just wish more of them knew our language. I know that part of it my fault for not having learned Spanish. I want my children to learn because growing up here and living here means needing to know it. I would like to apologize to the lady because I feel I acted very wrongly towards her. Maybe tommorrow I can stop back by and apologize.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Day

Already Messed Up One Resolution
I woke up really grumpy on New Years. I kinda got on Katie's case about telling her to do stuff. I was a little grumpy with Micau. Already broke one of my resolutions on the very first day of the New Year. I did manage to get in a better mood. Micau's son came over for awhile. They played on the Xbox 360. We got the wireless thingy so they could play Xbox Live. We got halfway through cleaning Katie's room. Gotta finish the rest today. I got grouchy again toward about 10.00 because Lauren would not be put down. She'd fall asleep and as soon as you put her down she'd start crying. It has been kinda frustrating with her. Finally went to bed about 1 but she woke up at 3. Ah well.
New Laptop
Micau surprised me yesterday evening by coming home with a laptop. Nothing fancy. Just an HP 1600 I think it is. I just wanted one so I didn't have to isolate myself where our computer is. Wanted something that I could check email on, messenger on, put recipes in, and write my story on. He has been really good to me. I love it. Mostly last night was getting it set up. We still have to install Microsoft outlook and word on it. He's going to do that when he comes home from work. Yes he had to go back to work today. Kinda bites but after one week off guess he has to go back to making money. We don't want to be on the street after all. I already miss him.
Penis Bite
Yep you read right. Let me tell you the story. Micau was taking a shower and when he gets done asks me to come look at something. He asked about an itchy spot on his penis so I look at it and there is a bite mark. A red swollen spot. He looks at me and asks what kind of bugs I'm bringing into the house. As if. We laughed so hard because in all of our days on this earth neither one of us has ever heard of anyone getting a bug bite on their penis. I kinda felt sorry for him. I put some anti itch cream on it to help soothe the pain. Now how funny is that?