Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Well everyone tommorrow is the start of a New Year. Everyone makes resolutions that they don't keep including me. So I will write mine down on my blog (taking a cue from my friend). Here are mine:
To lose weight (and not be impatient about it)
To tell myself something I love about me at least once a day and work up to many times a day
(have a habit of saying negative things about myself)
To work in a workbook I have at least once a week until I get through it
To be a better mom and wife (not get on Katie's case so much and try not to rush her)
To not be so selfish
To save more
To eat out less
To be more giving
To try to stay more orgainzed (actually bought a pocket planner)

Out of My Way

Did I mention that while my niece and nephew were with us that we rented a Nissan Armada. It was nice. I loved being that high up and being in such a big vehicle...I felt like I could crush everyone on the r0ad. This thing is so roomy and huge in the inside. The only thing I didn't like was the dashboard set up and there isn't much room in the very back for groceries unless you fold down the back seat and push it up. Honestly though, since we had to travel to Beeville to drop the kids off; I wanted to ram a few cars. There was one guy who was driving 50 in a 70 and I really just wanted to push him out of my way. The power of being in a big car; yes people size matters.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Family Visiting

Katie got to stay in Beeville after Christmas with my parents and her cousins. We decided to meet in San Antonio to pick her up and to let my niece and nephew come visit up here for a few days. We wanted to go to the zoo but it was a little chilly outside so we went to the River City Mall. Lauren was getting fussy after about an hour so we decided to head home. It was already about 6.00. She fell asleep on the way to the vehicle and stayed asleep for the whole trip. This worried me because I thought she would be up all night. She wasn't. She was asleep at 11.00 until 1.30 and then stayed awake for about an hour.
Today, Katie and my nephew didn't want to do anything; they are both being really grouchy and moody. So I took my niece (13) to Old Navy, Target, and Barnes and Noble. I hope she's had a nice time. My nephew (10) and Katie keep arguing over stuff but they are like 3 months apart in age so I think that is normal. I have to take them back to Beeville tommorrow. I was hoping to show them the state capitol and the Bob Bullock Museum but it was raining today pretty bad; maybe tommorrow if weather permits.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well Katie woke up all excited; Lauren woke up at 7 and that woke Katie up. (Kyle's dad picked him up on Sunday since it was his turn to have him this year...he gets him during even numbered years on holidays). Katie went straight for her stocking and loved everything in it. She thought her DVD player was so neat she wanted it hooked up right away to play a movie except for that fact that she hadn't opened her presents yet. Katie helped Lauren with hers. Katie got a puzzle, bracelet, photo bracelet, Cars Xbox360 game. Micau got texas hold em game, belt, undies and amug (Katie picked them out), Get Fuzzy calender, and 2 Dilbert books. I got a MP3 player and a dragon (Katie picked it out) and of course my pjs and robe. Micau and I got a fountain from his exwife...its really nice. The Santa gifts were a princess dvd player for Katie, the Playschool Dome for Lauren, and a bike for Kyle.
We headed down to Beeville about 11. Traffic was so smooth..hardly anyone on the road. We stopped at Micau's parents house to get Kyle. Katie got to open her presents there and so did Lauren. They each got a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble (so did Micau and I) and Kyle's dad kept his card so he can buy some books for Kyle and keep them at his place). Kyle got some puzzle boards, a clock that has shapes and numbers, a tool bench set, 2 outfits, some books. Lauren got an outfit and blanket, some books, a teddy bear. Katie got a bead set to make bracelets and necklaces with, a disney princess coloring book and marker set, a book on tx critters, Micau got a shirt and golf balls and tees, and I got a bear with bubble bath and pj set.
Then off to my parents house. We got there about 3. There were alot of people there. My aunt and uncle, a long time friend and his son, my brother came home from Iraq (has to go back New Years Eve), my sister and her 3 kids, her ex husband, my other brother and his wife, and us. They had already opened some presents but there were still alot to be left open. When we got in everybody was eating. Usually my mom goes all out for xmas dinner but not this year. There was turkey and ham, sweet potato casserole (yuck), potato salad (yuck), bread, and some spanish dish which was really yucky. So I didn't have much to eat. We opened presents about 4. Kyle got a Steve Mcqueen Car that makes noise (from the movie Cars), Leap frog alaphet and numbers magnet set (to go on the fridge), Leap frog animal block set, and some other stuff I forget. Lauren got Leapfrog soft blocks (each one does something different), an outfit, a plaschool activity kick thing (ya know where she lays on her back and can kick and play with different things) which I think we are going to take back to Target because she's kinda outgrown it and a couple of other things I forget. Katie got a book, a Cabbage Patch doll with a changeable outfit, coloring book, some clothes. We got a picture frame and a cute heart shaped door hanger to hang on our front door. All in all it was a good Christmas.
Kyle was getting really tired. My 4 yr old niece got a Dirt Devil Vaccum and Kyle played with that for the entire time. Katie stayed over at my parents house so she could play with her cousins. We left at around 6 because Kyle hadn't napped and Lauren was getting stressed out. As soon as we got back to Micau's parents house we put kyle down and he went straight to sleep. Lauren stayed up until Midnight. I was so hungry that I ate some of his dad's stew and salad. It was good. We all played Mexican train.
We came back home on Tuesday and got in about 3. We had to go to Walmart to get some batteries and saw the dirt devil vac and got it for Kyle. We then came home and let him open up his gifts. He got a bowling ball set and a See n Say plus his vaccum. Oh, his dad got him a wooden train set so he likes that. I got him a thomas the tank train set but didn't realize it was for 3 and up so Micau put it up until next year. Kyle loves his vaccum and his Car. Kyle also got a dump truck from my brother and a set of 3 construction vehicles from my mom. Each of them received a Baby Einstein CD from Micau and I. I will post some pics as soon as we download them.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Lauren's Awake

I guess Lauren is excited about Christmas because she keeps waking up every hour and here we are at 3 am and she wants to play. Not to be a grouch or anything but we do have to drive out of town today and I really want to go to sleep. I wish she did too. Guess its all the excitement...LOL. Well hope everyone else is getting their zzzzz.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well we missed the Trail of Lights this year. Just didn't get a chance to get around to it. Past few nights have been cold and last night they didn't even have it on; they shut it down due to the downpour of rain we were having. Tommorrow for Christmas it is supposed to be sunny with a high of 65. Well at least we won't be driving down to Beeville in the rain.
Traffic on Friday was horrendous. Both on 35 and Mopac...non stop traffic. Not only was it raining but there were so many accidents that when you listened to the radio all they said were the ones that had starflight or major was a busy day.
Since today was Christmas Eve we let the kids open one present..Kyle opened his pirate ship bath toy..he loved playing with it. I had already received an early gift (my pjs and robe) and micau got a Monoply hand held game. Katie got a Disney Princess hand held game which she really likes. Lauren didn't open one. We thought she could wait till tommorrow. We made Santa some snowman (Frosty) cookies and Katherine got the stockings out and decorated some that needed it. She is so anxious to have Santa come. We just finished watching A Christmas Story on TBS. I love that movie. Now Katie is taking a shower than we will leave out milk and cookies, have Katie go to bed and then do the Santa gifts. I hope she likes her Princess DVD player. Have a merry Christmas you all.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Robe

Two days ago Micau bought a pj set that came with a wonderful light blue robe. I love it. I hadn't really been able to wear it but this morning I got a chance to; and tonight. I woke up and since Katie's dad was going to pick her up around 10 and the past two days have been hectic, I decided to just chill. I fed Kyle and Lauren in my robe; I watched TV while Kyle and Lauren played on the floor..all the while sitting in my robe. It was wonderful. It is so soft and comfy. Tonight after doing a few errands I changed into my robe. Now I'm typing in my robe. My nice comfy soft robe.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lauren and Solid Food

Well at Lauren's checkup the pedi said I needed to start feeding her cereal. She hadn't sit up yet and was still pushing her tongue out so I didn't think she was ready. Well for the past week we have been trying to feed her cereal:

We tried feeding her some other foods but Micau and I are in agreement that we shouldn't force her to eat it if she isn't ready for it yet. We just feel like she will let us know when she is ready. I hate forcing something on her when she just isn't ready. She is still only eating 4 oz of formula a feeding. Actually, the past two days some feedings she actually ate 6 oz. But we feel that maybe another month or so she will. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rain Boy

So today we had a lot of errands to do. One of the first things we did was go eat at Kirby Lane downtown (it is a really good local restraunt) and right next door is a doll store. They were having Santa so I let us go in. Kyle is afraid of Santa still. Katie looks around and sees so many things she wants. Well, it just so happens that Kyle did a major stinkie (that's a poop for those who don't know). It was awful..running up his back and everything. Well their bathroom is very tiny so I laid down our changing matt and put him on top. He starts fussing. I try to change him quickly. The diaper was taken to the dumpster so not to stink up the store. As I was changing him Katie saw a tea set she wanted. I figured after the shop owner having to put up with kyle crying I'd be nice and buy a tea set. So Katie got an early Xmas gift. After going to a few more places we went to the outlet mall that just opened up here.
It was nice but sprinkling outside. Kyle wanted to walk instead of being in the stroller. It started to rain a little heavier and what does my boy do? You got it. Go splashing through the water. He would put his arms out to feel the rain and laugh. He was so cute. Lauren got to ride up front in the stroller and she just loved. She would laugh and smile. She loved being able to see everything. Kyle got his shorts, shirt and shoes wet. But he had so much fun. It was a nice day. We came home and watched a movie and then I took a bath with Kyle and put him to bed. Lauren is still up at 10.00. Hoping she goes to bed soon. It was a very nice day with the family.

Monday, December 18, 2006

More Christmas Stuff

Yesterday was our church Christmas Pageant which my daughter was in. She was the arch angel. It was pretty funny. Here are some pics.

Also, last night I finished wrapping all the gifts and putting stuff into gift bags. I have one thing to mail out tommorrow and I am hoping my friend receives it in time. We did secret santa's in my online mom's group and I was lazy today by not mailing it. Also, I dropped off our baby gift basket for our Angel tree person at the church. They handed them out yesterday but our person wasn't there. I hope she gets it sometime this week. We picked a family where the 16 yr old is 7 months pregnant. I put together a nice baby basket..blankets, size 1 diapers, wipes, a few books, umm some other things. It was cute. I love helping people.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Xmas Party/Santa

Yesterday was Katie's school Xmas party. Yesterday was the last day of school until January 4 (its a thursday..go figure that out). They had all sorts of activities for them to do. Katherine started off by making a christmas card to GC..she wrote in it I love you and wants to give it to him in person when he comes next weekend. It was very cute and special. Next she mad a xmas box, a rudolph bracelet, decorated two cookies, made a xmas pinwheel, and did the ring and snowball toss. There were lots of food (cookies, chips, ding dongs, etc). I'm very proud of myself and Katie..we each had a mini cupcake, a tiny star cookie, and I had a sugar cookie. We split a cup of Sprite. Not too bad. They had a Santa and Katie just wanted to get a candy cane; she said she already sent Santa a letter and didn't need to tell him what she wanted. By 8.00 she was pretty tired but had a lot of fun. She was a little upset that Micau and the babies couldn't come (Kyle has pink eye). We got home and she showed Micau the card and all the other stuff she made. She went to bed I'm sure dreaming of Christmas.
Today Katie wanted to take her picture with Santa Clause but she didn't want to do it without Micau. So we all go to the mall and by the time we get there its close to 6, which works out because the mall Santa got back from his break at 6. We stand in line for about 20 minutes (last year it was much longer). We get up there and get Kyle out and he won't go near Santa. We get within a foot of him and he starts crying and no. So we didn't force him. Katherine sat on his lap and told him what she wanted (she added to her list by wishing for an IPOD; something she didn't want up until two days ago); Lauren sat with Santa and we got a picture of the two of them. Lauren has her mouth in an O shape and Katie has a big grin. If we had a scanner I'd scan it in so you all could see it. It was nice. Poor Kyle got left out...Oh well maybe next year.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Micau's son

Micau's son (GC) spent this past weekend with us. It has been about 3 months since he came over to spend the night. I am always nervous when he comes over because I want to make it nice for him so he'll want to come back. I try to take care of the kids so Micau can spend time with GC and not worry about the little ones. The only problem was over the week Micau had been working some long hours and the kids had been really fussy especially thursday and friday. So when Micau picked up GC on Saturday and came home about 4.30 I was already a mess.
Katherine spent the night at her best friends house on Friday so I had to pick her up about 12. I got a pedicure done right before i picked her up and then I went to get her and I got my hair done (I dyed it a dark red because I have patches of gray hair all over my head and it doesn't look well) which took about 2 hours. Katherine kept saying she was bored and Lauren slept for about an hour and a half. The last 30 min. she was really cranky. Kyle was fussy but he was with his dad who brought him back home after only having him for 2 hours. Since Micau was home with GC, Kyle and his dad he called me and asked about going out to eat. I didn't really want to since the baby was fussy and Kyle didn't take a nap. But I was overruled. So we went to Texas Roadhouse. Well that was a really bad idea. Kyle was not wanting to sit in his high chair and Lauren cried the whole time. I had to take her out of the restraunt a few times and then Micau held her for awhile but nothing worked. So we hurried up and ate. At least GC payed attention to Katie. Then we all came back here and watched Pirates Dead Man's Chest. Kyle's dad bought it and wanted to watch it. Lauren again was being fussy and I was just having a hard time with her. We put Kyle to bed as soon as we got home. Micau took Lauren for a bit and then put her on the floor. She was just in a mood I guess. After it was over, Kyle's dad left and I went to go grocery shopping. It was so nice to shop without anyone crying or begging (Katie tends to do that). I actually got done in 45 minutes. Once I got back, Micau got the baby to sleep and he and GC played on the Xbox 360. GC seemed like in a good mood. Everyone went to bed about 11.00.
On Sunday I got up and made cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast (i had toast instead of the rolls). GC seemed a little out of sorts. He didn't want to go to church so Micau stayed home and while we were at church they played Gears of Wars. I get home with the little ones (of course they are still being fussy) and put Kyle down for a nap. They had beat the game just as we got home. Katie wanted spaghetti for lunch. GC seemed to be in a hurry to leave. While Micau was in the shower he had gotten all his stuff ready and was walking out to the car to wait. I told GC he can wait inside and have some lunch. He didn't want spaghetti. I told Micau to just go ahead and go and take him out to lunch. So he did.
Micau said that GC did have a good time its just the kids were real loud. They just had to pick that weekend to be the most loud and unconsolable. I understand GC; what 16 year old wants to listen to two babies cry for two days. Not much fun. Anyway, we are hoping that next weekend he will come back over. Micau really misses spending time with him. So cross your fingers.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Kids Check up

I forgot to mention that on the 6th Lauren had her 6 month appointment. She is doing well. She weighs 16 lbs and 10 oz. I forget her length but she is right on target...50 percentile for everything. We have not started her on solids because I always thought you should wait until they are sitting up and not pushing out with her tongue which is what she is still doing. Anyways, the pedatrician said to go ahead and start her on cereal; even though she only drinks about 28 oz a day and she is still only eating 4 oz at a time. I went grocery shopping the other day and totally forgot to get her cereal. So its been almost a week and we still haven't started her on solids. Oh well. She is just getting so big on us. I got her for christmas the playschool play dome tent, a light up shape sorter, a glow worm, and some stocking stuffers.
Kyle is still eating baby food. He only has about 10 jars left and after those are gone he is just going to have to adjust because we decided we are not going to buy anymore baby food for him. He is going to have to eat regular food. We figure he could probably last a day without eating which is going to suck because he is going to be really fussy. We got him a bike, a bowling game, thomas train track ( a small one), and also some stocking stuffers.
Katherine has her Christmas exchange on Thursday for school. It is their last day of school until January 4. She is very excited. She wants to make fudge. We'll see. For Katherine we got her a new DVD player since hers broke..its a disney princess one, a puzzle, disney princess game, a cars xbox 360 game, and some stocking stuffers.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Date Night

I know I haven't posted in awhile but that's because nothing much has really been going on. That is until last night.
Yesterday marked Micau and I first date anniversay (1 year). Last year on December 8 we had gone out to Cool River so that is where we went. We both had steak, cheesy potatoes, broccoli and 2 slices of bread. I had 2 Maitai's and water. Micau had 2 Rum and Coke and water. After dinner, we went to a pool hall and played 3 games of pool..I lost the first one because I hit the 8 ball in..Micau lost the second one because he scratched when trying to get the 8 ball in and Micau won the third because I was too buzzed to put the balls in correctly (I had a Smirnoff and half of a 2cnd one). It's funny because we only stayed out until 9.30 (the time we actually picked up the kids). We both were really tired by the time we got Lauren to sleep (10.30).
Micau and I had a wonderful time being a couple without someone crying every 2 minutes. It was nice to spend time with just each other and to kickback with no worries. It was very special.