Friday, September 28, 2007

Voigts Fall Festival

That was tonight. It was from 6-8 pm. My daughter is in a Girl Scout Troop and they volunteered to do some of the games. Well we (hubby and the kids and) stayed until 7.30 before the babies started getting fussy. Kyle and Lauren had so much fun doing the ring toss and the football toss. They had a little baby pool with ducks in it...they just pick up a duck and on the bottom is a number. Based on the number is how good of a toy u get...they both got 2. We also bid on some baskets and won 2.. a puzzle basket and a music basket. The music has the little tykes kid guitar, tamborine, and small bongo drums. Its cute. We had to pay $1 for each pizza slice we had and $1 for drinks and $1 for the nachos (that was purely hubby not me). All in all it was a good night. After taking the babies home I came back to get Katie since she was still working..there weren't many games left open. She did the ring toss and then decided to go. She had fun. We had fun. Not too shabby. Now if only I can get my 2 year old to realize he is tired and go to bed.
And yes hubby and his 17 yr old son are in the living room playing Halo 3 and heaven forbid they are interrupted.


Have you ever found yourself gossiping about someone to God or just your spouse? I realized this week that I have been doing that with my husband about someone. At first, we would/were just talking about the problems this person had and what should have been done. Now I realize that we keep doing this and all the mistakes this person continues to make and how that person should things and everything that we disagree with. We say things dumb..what is that person thinking?..etc. Not very nice things. On the other hand, this person is very frustrating and I think this is a way of releasing our frustration. So when does casual conversation about someone turn into gossip? Or is there really a such thing as casual conversation? I don't know. Can it be gossip when you tell God?
My christian online group just did a conversation/disscussion on gossip. A lot of opinions and ideas were thrown out there. I think there is just some things that we just need to figure out on our own and what is in our hearts. Don't ya think?

Thursday, September 27, 2007


These are from July but I thought you all would like to see some recent pics of me and the family.

Wanting a house

Okay I really wanted this lovely house that we saw. It required no money down, we could afford it and it had 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. The problem. They wanted a check for $500 and I wanted some time to pray about it. The thing is I couldn't remember how long you are supposed to pray for before making a decision. We got approved for the paperwork on Sunday. I really wanted this house and so I kept praying about it. I let my mind be clouded with thoughts of the house. I started getting frustrated with my family; and with God. Later on Sunday my husband and I went for a walk. The thing was having that house would make money seriously tight. Plus, the neighborhood, although brand new, had questionable people living there. What I mean by questionable is that you could tell that it would soon turn into a low income neighborhood. There was loud music playing (yes you could hear some of it in the house) and people had like 5 cars in the driveways..old cars. It was the way they acted..the way you saw them walk around. This company, this neighborhood went after people like us, people who would barely be able to pay the monthly payments, get evicted, have the houses bought by other people to be used as rental homes. Plus, the school district was in Manor. Nothing against Manor but those schools are worse that AISD. We decided not to do it. Which was good because on Monday the realtor told us that each year the rent would actually go up and in year six is where it would stay at. thanks. I'm glad that I didn't give in and was patient and didn't just jump in. I'm glad I prayed.. I do believe the Lord helped me in this manner even if on Sunday I wasn't really looking thru with clear eyes. I am thankful for the patience I have learned thru life and am continuing to learn.